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Dwyer 2000-10Vf5, Vflo Flowmeter With Gage

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2000-10VF5, Series 2000 Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gage, 0-10" w.c

  • Description
  • 0-350 SCFM air w/4 NPT Tube Select the Series 2000 Magnehelic reg Gage for a versatile low differential pressure gage with a wide choice of 81 models and 27 options to choose from

    Note May be used with Hydrogen

    Order a Buna-N diaphragm

    Pressures must be less than 35 psi

    Product Applications Filter Monitoring Air Velocity with Dwyer Pitot Tube Blower Vacuum Monitoring Fan Pressure Indication Duct, Room or Building Pressures Clean Room Positive Pressure Indication

    The design resists shock, vibration, over-pressures and is weatherproof to IP67

    Using Dwyer rsquo s simple, frictionless Magnehelic reg gage movement, it quickly indicates air or noncorrosive gas pressures-either positive, negative vacuum or differential