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Meriam Mg-F16Bn-9P206-18-Nist, Pressure Gauge

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Meriam, MG-F16BN-9P206-18-NIST, Digital Pressure Gauge with NIST Certificate MG-F16BN-Z9P206-18-NIST, Digital Pressure Gauge NIST Certificate with Data The Meriam Instrument MGF16BN digital pressure gauge successfully addresses the modern demands of process pressure measurement

  • Description
  • Advantages 177 0.25 Test Gauge Accuracy optional 0.1 available 316L Stainless Steel Wetted Parts NEMA 4X Capture Minimum and Maximum Readings Push Button Zero 15 Selectable Engineering Units Selectable Auto Shutoff Times Impressive Accuracy and Wide Range 177 0.25 of Full Scale Test Gauge Accuracy 3000 PSIG Range 5000 PSIG 5000 PSIG Range 7500 PSIG

    Compound gauges that can be used for positive pressure measurements and vacuum measurements are also available

    Each gauge includes up to 15 field selectable engineering units depending on the sensor range

    Other standard features include min/max capture, zeroing, pass code program lock-out, adjustable display shutoff time and field recalibration

    Pressure ranges are available to 5, 000 PSIG at standard accuracy of 177 0.25 of full scale and optional accuracy of 177 0.1 of full scale

    Process connection is via a 3/4 MNPT 316L stainless steel fitting

    The display is a 4 1/2 digit LCD with 0.5 high numerals and a lower alphanumeric display for engineering units and to aid in set up

    The gauge is powered by two AA alkaline batteries

    The housing is ABS/polycarbonate and is NEMA 4X rated

    The selectable units include PSIG, kiloPascals, megaPascals, millibar, bar, atmospheres, kilograms per square centimeter, grams per square centimeter, centimeters of water, ounces per square inch, feet of water, inches of water, millimeters of mercury, Torr, and inches of mercury

    Typical applications are instrumentation and control in the process industries, hydraulics, pneumatics, industrial gases and OEM's

    Wetted components are 316L stainless steel for compatibility with many process fluids