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Heskins Gid_31, Glow In The Dark Anti Slip Tape 31" X 60'

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Glow in the dark anti slip tape is a popular material

  • Description
  • Access Areas - Highlighting access points is important in not only ensuring they are kept clear, but so they can be easily found during times of emergency

    Applying glow in the dark anti slip tape to the stair nosing can create a hi-viz, non slip edge that will ensure heightened safety when ascending or descending steps

    Features Heskins Safety Grip with glow in the dark base Available plain or hazard Guides personnel during blackouts

    In a daytime or lights on scenario the material is a mild green shade, in lights out they emit a bright white glow

    Ledges - Reducing risk of falls from ledges is vital, thus adding a hi-viz, anti slip product such as glow in the dark anti slip tape will ensure that slips and mis-steps are less likely to occur

    Stair Nosings - Stair nosings can be a common place for causes of slips, mis-steps being the most obvious accidents

    The upper resin coating is impregnated with a photolu shy min shy escent powder, which contains non-radioactive photons, and these photons absorb energy from either natural or artificial light sources

    This light helps to safely illuminate many areas Stairwells - Areas that can be tricky to navigate in low light or lights out situations, applying glow in the dark safety tape can help illuminate the area, allowing you to quickly, calmly and safely, navigate them in time of need

    Using a combination of glow in the dark safety tape, can ensure that it remains visible and safe during lights out or low light situations

    When lighting diminishes, the powder releases the stored energy as white light

    Whole steps and platforms, if applicable can be highlighted