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Hygiena Q-Swab Environment Sample Collection & Delivery Kit(Letheen)

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  • Environmental Microbial Sample Collection and Transport (Wet/Dry) (1.0mL Letheen)
  • Ideal for Food and Beverage, Healthcare, Hopitality Industry and More
  • All in One Sample Collection Device, Eliminates Use of Sponges, Bags and Pipettes
  • Letheen Broth Neutralizes Residual Sanitizers on Surfaces
  • Unable to Ship to Australia, United Kingdom and China
  • As this product is temperature-sensitive, we cannot accept returns once this product leaves our facility.
  • Ships on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays Only Due to Sensitive Contents

The Hygiena Q-Swab is an inclusive, all-in-one sample collection and delivery device

  • Description
  • After you've activated the media, the sample is ready to be poured onto sample-ready media film or put onto plates for culturing. /span /p p span style font-size medium The Q-Swab is ideal for /span /p ul li span style font-size medium Doctor's offices /span /li li span style font-size medium Hospitals /span /li li span style font-size medium Dentist's offices /span /li

    It is ready to use right out of the package and can be used either wet or dry for taking environmental samples from surfaces

    The Letheen Broth neutralizes residual sanitizers and aids in the recovery of bacteria

    You simply need to collect a sample with the swab and snap the patented Snap Valve at the top to release 1 mL of media into the sample