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Allegro 9872-40, Two-Worker Wall-Air Filter Panel W/ Ac/Dc

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Allegro Industries, 9872-40, Two-Worker Wall-Air Filter Panel w/ AC/DC CO Monitor, 2 Outputs System for compressed air filtration that meets NIOSH regulations for breathing systems

  • Description
  • PN 9871-01 ndash optional Audible Alarm 90 dB Piezo Visual External LED Light Censor Electrochemical, replaceable Buttons quot Mode quot and quot Set quot Display Liquid Crystal Operations Average, maximum battery charge and calibration Calibration Auto Tune to 20 ppm of carbon monoxide

    Graduations 0.0 - 1.0 LPM Carbon Monoxide Monitor Power Source 115V AC adapter 9V DC 9V DC Alkaline battery optional Alarm 10 ppm Canada 5ppm with external connection for strobe light alarm

    Optional Carbon Monoxide monitor is provided to monitor gas concentrations

    Provides filtered air for Grade D breathing Filter System 1st stage Filter 5 micron particles and automatic drain 2nd Stage Coalescing filter cloth and drain 0010 microns manual 3rd Stage Activated carbon filter of 0.003 microns and manual drain Regulator High pressure adjustable knob range 0-160 PSI gauge and external valve pressure relief Manometer Acrylic translucent, Teflon float, with adjustable valve

    Three stages of filtration to dust, water, oil and hydrocarbons from compressed air